Monday, April 5, 2010


First image was drawn in with a red bic pen as I ran out of blacks and blues. Sketched that outside in the beautiful weather today.

Second image is a revised edition of one of the snailiens in the lineup. Currently a work-in-progress. The method I'm using is taking some time with the brush opacity settings down to 25%. That way I'm building everything up over layers and layers. First starting off with big broad strokes to get the shapes in, to block it in a way, then progressing into smaller brush sizes until I'm able to refine the edges/add details. We'll see how that method works out in the end.


CapnG said...

So you're effectively bringing the picture "into focus" as you work. Cool!

I dunno about that revised tail design though. It looks like... well, something else altogether.

Mind Miner said...

That's a nice way of putting it and yeah, that's what I'm trying to do. Since I can't see it right away, why not build it up slowly until you see it?

As for the revised tail design, I know what you mean. It looks like a soft cream/pile of turd haha. Yeah it's definitely going to change. Just putting it there for now. ;)