Friday, April 9, 2010

A Company That Gets It


Click on the link above to view the 2 trailers (the first one with the circles/reds).

"For us it is very important to be children,.to experiment, to discover, to live, to feel what we are doing. The most important thing for Vasava isn't about making alot of money. What is most important for us is having experiences that accumulate over the course of our careers.

We try to have this environment, let the people develop themselves We try to do something which is different. When we set up this new space, we decided, Ok, lets try to have our design studio on the back and try to set up a space where the local artists can display what they are doing. So that's why we have this gallery, And thats why we have a shop in the front."

This is just a portion of what they said on the videos there. I agree whole heartedly on their philosophy behind the company too. The studio that they have there is awesome. The work environment looks nice, the murals on the walls, the way they set up the lights, the arch on their stairway. I DO WANT. Talk about a breeding ground for creativity, not like those stale and stagnant white walled office cubicles everywhere else.

Vasava, hire me? lol. =S


CapnG said...

C-c-c-c-c-combo breaker!

No sketches for THREE days?

Mind Miner said...

I have Saturdays and Sundays off as per Vedder's suggestion.

If I do post on the weekend, it'll be older drawings or w/e I feel like showing that day, if any. =P