Friday, April 9, 2010

Coup D'etat Du Jour

Say no to the tyrannical reptillian brain (ego?) with its myriad draconian rules and let the inner child inside you OUT. Yay!

Know what flyers are good for? To draw on! I didn't know what to draw so I decided to warm up by drawing this kid from another flyer. That way 'drawing what you see' relaxes you and eases you out of the left brain mode while shifting into the right.

I drew the dragon kid/brain/whatever last and decided to throw it in there with the kid. Yesterday I was looking through Pokemon concept art so it must've seeped into my drawings today. I realise now that children's body proportions are probably what inspired the super deformed styles. If that was too obvious for you, well pfft to you then! It just dawned on me while drawing the kid. =P

I did this while waiting for water to boil for my instant coffee + cappuccino since I'm out of regular coffee. Blech! It tasted awwwful.

Have a good weekend everyone!


CapnG said...

Instant coffee is instant suffering.

Mind Miner said...

Indeedy it is!