Thursday, September 29, 2011


I had a dream where I was looking through all of my artworks lately. By lately I mean, the ones I haven't drawn at all and yet they existed (perhaps on a quantum level?) as already drawn in the dream. I haven't drawn anything in months really. All kinds of wonderful stuff that I don't even recognise nor remember ever doing and yet, there was that feeling that they were all drawn by me. I had this quizzical thought "I drew these?" and then after noticing the volume of works laying before me, I thought to myself "Hey! Why don't I post these up on my blog?" Then I bolted up awake, all super-excited, as if I'm getting ready to go scan these artworks in and when I got up from bed, that's when I realised "Oh right... that was just a dream..."

Now, that, was a bit too weird for me.