Friday, September 14, 2007

You see what you want to see.

I've stumbled across an old discovery once again. This time it is not from looking at clouds, or from staring at the repetitious pattern of flowers on my shower curtains, it's from a cover of an art book tucked away at the corner of the room, in the dark, with a little light shining on it. (Cover of art book shown on left.)
The technique to this form of art is what I call Scrying. I think the name is appropriate because it works in the same way, just with a different medium instead of smoke, crystal balls, or pools of water. I think this technique relies on a focused object to be blurred out enough to appear abstracted, so that your mind does not recognise what it is that it's seeing, that way, the imaginations fill in the void to create new images out of it.
To scrye from an image, all you need to do is be in a dark room with little lighting, squint your eyes to blur the image (not always necessary) and view it from far away.

The visions that scryers say they see may come from variations in the medium. If the medium is water ((hydromancy), then the visions may come from the colour, ebb and flow, or ripples produced by pebbles dropped in a pool. If the medium is a crystal ball, the visions may come from the tiny inclusions, web-like faults, or the cloudy glow within the ball under the low light (e.g. candlelight).

One method of scrying is using a crystal ball involves a self-induced trance. Initially, the medium serves as a focus for the attention, removing unwanted thoughts from the mind in the same way as a mantra. Once this stage is achieved, the scryer begins a free association with the perceived images suggested. The technique of deliberately looking for and declaring these initial images aloud, however trivial or irrelevant they may seem to the conscious mind, is done with the intent of deepening the trance state, wherein the scryer bears their own disassociated voice affirming what is seen within the concentrated state in a kind of feedback loop. This process culminates in the achievement of a final and desired end stage in which rich visual images and dramatic stories seem to be projected within the medium itself, or directly within the mind's eye of the scryer, like an inner movie. This overall process reputedly allows the scryer to "see" relevant events or images within the chosen medium.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Me draw ogrrrrs. Many many ogrrrs.

Bad dog make terrible noise! Me scared. Bad dog, not nise. Dog bites, make me mad. Smash dog, lose arm! me no fight. Bad dog eat arm. Bad dog run away now. Me sad. Dog not nise.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Chip Chip, Hurray!

Introducing the Mind Miner(s)! They live inside my head (and yours too! You just don't know it yet.) My miners current forms are baby penguins with mining tools. The last incarnate-mind miners were Tadpoles with power tools. They all got electrocuted when they plugged their power tools inside the highly volatile brain-storming pools. Due to them constantly getting eloctrocuted, they were soon replaced by the newly evolving Toasters with faulty wiring equipped with termite-infested wooden spoons and rusty forks. They too have died out due to unknown causes. The empty void left by the Toasters have allowed the Pengu mind miners to evolve freely. These days, all newly created thought beings cannot withstand the smiting powers of the superior Pengu! The spawn points are camped all around-the-clock to keep the birthing mind miners at bay.
Currently the Pengu thought super-beings are hard at work chipping away Mount Werd Bloc and its sister Mount Blawg Bloc which is located on the South-Eastern Brainosphere on the upper-right-side of my Brain. Chip chip, hurray.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Top Left of Page: Monkeys-on-your-Back. These guys just love to harrass you 24/7. First, it's one little monkey, then when it's still safe and ripe for the picking, he will call in more monkeys. They jump on your shoulders, poke you on the side of your head, take a dump down your shirt, pull your hair out, flick your ears, screech at you non-stop. They are meant to be annoying. If you don't take care of your little day to day, week to week things or even month to month priorities, then they digi-grow up to become Apes-on-your-Back. They behave exactly like the monkeys, only do it much worse, harder, louder, and are generally more aggravating. If you put up with them and if you're that unfortunate, then, oh damn (May God save your soul)... they digi-evolve into KING-KONG-on-your-back! By this time, you're gauranteed to have a nervous breakdown. Don't let that happen!

Far right of the Page: Shepherd-Centaur making a sport out of the Were-cat who has been ninja'ing his flock (off-screen) Who knows what these cats do to the poor sheep! =O~

Middle Page: Couple of Submariners lurking in the deep. What are they trying to tell you?

Bottom Right: Were-ninja pouncing a Clown Ogre. This is based on a weird dream I had after reading Beowulf the night before. It was a single Were-ninja going up against a tribe of plundering ogres. Lots of blood, flying body parts and wholesale bodies getting tossed around like bowling pins. Never coming to a theatre near you. Not even going to come out on direct-to-video either, sorry.

Bottom: Alien zapping a zombie while waiting for his carpool to arrive. Zombies are the Aliens favourite recreational sport. At least they won't feel guilty so much for zapping humans, although sometimes they do resurrect the dead humans back into zombies, only to zap them again, and again for fun. The shambling undead always keep coming back for some more. That doesn't concern the Alien though as they have other means of disposal at their ends.

Jurassic Park 4. Ahem.

So Jurassic Park 4 is in the works, eh? I had to draw what I think will be on it. Ignore the lobster people. They are trying to hijack the drawing page.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Its a mad, Mad World.

Mad Cow is an old idea between my bro and I that probably dates back to our Sheridan college daze. Our heroine is a beefed up cow on 'roids who fights back against the evil creators that made her and its abuses from the Mad Fringe groups and/or heavy chain-smoking Aliens. The bad guys unleash other monstrosities done in the same manner, by pumping them full of roids and other alien drugs. That's about all from what I can recall. Maybe bro knows the rest.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Brain Constipation.

Blargh. Writing to free my thoughts out is a pain. I can see them all there huddling at the corners of my imagination, frightened like caged animals. I open the door for them. They don't move. I beckon them with food. Nope, nothing. I entice them with baby making noises. Nope, still huddled away at the corners. I don't get it. The door's open and yet they won't come out! COME OUT YOU FRIGID THOUGHTS!
I suppose what you see on the page pretty much sums up the going-ons inside my brain.
I blame it on Lazy Slugs/snails. Space Snails, Snailiens. Just staring at one of them will compell you into atrophy. It all starts with a yawn, then a little sleepy-eyed, another yawn, etc. One becomes slacked-jaw, hunched-over, brain-dead over time, and overall muscle-relaxant (is that a word?) devolving you into a slug just like themselves. Its exactly the type of desired effect that these envious Snailiens want to inflict upon their busy-bodied, ambitious spine-tingling counterparts as they go about slooooowly conquering the worlds.
They're all part of an old idea based on Captain Storm, who's MIA around here somewhere. You'll see more of these slugs in the near future (here's hoping!) as they're just so much fun to draw.

Its go time.

Argh, finally got this sucker up and running. It has been an age-long uphill battle fighting against the forces of Procrastination and Apathy. It's not easy, still isn't, and always won't be, but alas, a small step forward into the right direction. That was the hard part. Next on the list: Chipping away at the Word and Blog Blocks.

Freedom Ekim shall commence!

FREE AT LAST! Come on my fellow mind miners, come chip away with me!

Chip chip, hurray!