Friday, September 7, 2007

Top Left of Page: Monkeys-on-your-Back. These guys just love to harrass you 24/7. First, it's one little monkey, then when it's still safe and ripe for the picking, he will call in more monkeys. They jump on your shoulders, poke you on the side of your head, take a dump down your shirt, pull your hair out, flick your ears, screech at you non-stop. They are meant to be annoying. If you don't take care of your little day to day, week to week things or even month to month priorities, then they digi-grow up to become Apes-on-your-Back. They behave exactly like the monkeys, only do it much worse, harder, louder, and are generally more aggravating. If you put up with them and if you're that unfortunate, then, oh damn (May God save your soul)... they digi-evolve into KING-KONG-on-your-back! By this time, you're gauranteed to have a nervous breakdown. Don't let that happen!

Far right of the Page: Shepherd-Centaur making a sport out of the Were-cat who has been ninja'ing his flock (off-screen) Who knows what these cats do to the poor sheep! =O~

Middle Page: Couple of Submariners lurking in the deep. What are they trying to tell you?

Bottom Right: Were-ninja pouncing a Clown Ogre. This is based on a weird dream I had after reading Beowulf the night before. It was a single Were-ninja going up against a tribe of plundering ogres. Lots of blood, flying body parts and wholesale bodies getting tossed around like bowling pins. Never coming to a theatre near you. Not even going to come out on direct-to-video either, sorry.

Bottom: Alien zapping a zombie while waiting for his carpool to arrive. Zombies are the Aliens favourite recreational sport. At least they won't feel guilty so much for zapping humans, although sometimes they do resurrect the dead humans back into zombies, only to zap them again, and again for fun. The shambling undead always keep coming back for some more. That doesn't concern the Alien though as they have other means of disposal at their ends.


CapnG said...

Are those FLYING monkeys on your back?

megame said...
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megame said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man this rules..keep it up!