Saturday, September 8, 2007

Chip Chip, Hurray!

Introducing the Mind Miner(s)! They live inside my head (and yours too! You just don't know it yet.) My miners current forms are baby penguins with mining tools. The last incarnate-mind miners were Tadpoles with power tools. They all got electrocuted when they plugged their power tools inside the highly volatile brain-storming pools. Due to them constantly getting eloctrocuted, they were soon replaced by the newly evolving Toasters with faulty wiring equipped with termite-infested wooden spoons and rusty forks. They too have died out due to unknown causes. The empty void left by the Toasters have allowed the Pengu mind miners to evolve freely. These days, all newly created thought beings cannot withstand the smiting powers of the superior Pengu! The spawn points are camped all around-the-clock to keep the birthing mind miners at bay.
Currently the Pengu thought super-beings are hard at work chipping away Mount Werd Bloc and its sister Mount Blawg Bloc which is located on the South-Eastern Brainosphere on the upper-right-side of my Brain. Chip chip, hurray.

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