Thursday, September 6, 2007

Its a mad, Mad World.

Mad Cow is an old idea between my bro and I that probably dates back to our Sheridan college daze. Our heroine is a beefed up cow on 'roids who fights back against the evil creators that made her and its abuses from the Mad Fringe groups and/or heavy chain-smoking Aliens. The bad guys unleash other monstrosities done in the same manner, by pumping them full of roids and other alien drugs. That's about all from what I can recall. Maybe bro knows the rest.

1 comment:

megame said...

hey bro!! lmfao! oh man..mad cow!!
i always saw it as a 'he' ...maybe after ENOUGH 'roids as u put it..the testosterone turns the poor sow into a boy..or boy/girl..or just MAD COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!