Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Noodle Doodle et toi

Another quick doodle while waiting for the noodles to cook. I was so starving that it felt like my stomach was eating its way out.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mind Miners upgraded?

Budo says (5:24 PM):
u didnt update it for like a year
Budo says (5:24 PM):
your mind miners needed to buy some better drilling equipment

And these are exactly the kind of drilling equipment my mind miners need!

Mind Miners explained here

Vestigal Blues

And yet another random bird creature drawing! The picture drawn was way too serious for my liking so I cut/pasted a random silly drawing of a bird w/ blurbs to the picture to relieve the seriousness of it all. Gotta lighten up afterall.

Super Hero

He's super serious.

Monday, March 29, 2010

March Madness Sweet Sixteen

What was supposed to be a snailiens collage in the making turned out into something else entirely.

Friday, March 26, 2010

March Madness 15

A scrying image.

I had an incense candle lit up while drawing. The way the candle lit up a pile of papers over at the corner of my desk suggested this image for me to work within. The colour olive green kept flashing before me, briefly, a number of times throughout the process.

There was some difficulty seeing the lower leg area so I left it in as it is, working with new lines, hoping to see something else out of it.

Some slight photoshop trickery with copy/pasting. The rest is drawn with a bic pen on computer paper, as per usual.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Madness 14

This piece came out easily and effortlessly.

I was over at bro's tonight with Eric and Dax who were all working on their worky work stuff. Being with these guys is just indescribable in terms of the energy and the kinship as well as stress relief. Couldn't imagine life being better without them and their support.

I don't agree with how some of the things turn out on this piece, but I could care less. Time to stop worrying about all the pettiness pertaining to art and just let it be. As it is. For what it is. Also, in my mind was the idealised version of it with its uber awesome to-die-for line art and stuff like that. Didn't happen? Oh well, better luck next time! They are however, my guides for a future destination. Of course I want to be there right away, right now, but it's silly with all these excuse-atrons that we come up with for not posting art frequently on the blogs. If this was 2009, then yeah, I wouldn't be posting this up because of how frigid I think it looks to me. Not this year! Ego self-destruct FTW!

This is the new year. Time to move on with the petty fears and grow naturally! For good or worse. Ahem~~~~

Anyways, these are just drawings of Shellmechs that I'm cooking up for the Snailiens. By no means they are the final designs for these mechs. I just felt like drawing and seeing what comes out. Hope you likey. =B

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Noodle Doodles

A quick 10 minutes or so sketchy sketch while waiting for the water to boil and noodles to cook. Touched it up slightly on Photoshop. Twas fun. A watched pot never draws, I say.

March Late Night Madness

Late night sketch blog (and their links) surfing led me to, well, late night drawing(s). Bad! There's way too much awesome out there so I got inspired and gave digital drawing a warmup again after so many years. I just prefer drawing with a bic pen these days but it's just refreshing to switch mediums. Digital eems easier at times, but daunting at other times. I drew both of these pretty quick since it was late night. As of this writing it is 4am. Ugh.

Inspired by the folks over at Sketchmathon. I like their "plan" and will try to keep posting daily as well, whether its crap or not. They made me laugh with their titles, comments and silly sketches. A reminder to lighten up once again.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Madness Thirteeeen

Oh boy. This was alot of fun to draw. It's a partial scrying pic. I sat there on the couch trying to get myself pysched up for drawing. While sitting there doing that, I was staring indirectly ahead to a pillow which caught my eye after some time, resulting in a slight image of a bird resting in the gardens. Bird creatures usually show up in my scryings alot for some reason. While looking at the bird head, I thought about drawing it and said "Nah, looks too comical." After some time later, I begin to see a skull emerge from under the foliage. "Oooh! Hell yeah that looks awesome!" So I just had to draw it.

It's probably the first time I've drawn flowers since my post secondary school days. It was so daunting to see all the patterns displayed before me and looking for a specific flower at a specific spot without losing it. So in order to draw it, I had to rely on alot of blind contour drawing for them. By the time I got done drawing this picture, my brain was buzzing madly.

bic pen on 8x15 computer paper
Slight editing on Pshop (darkening bird's head + gradient layer for the overall image)

Monday, March 22, 2010

March Madness Twelve


A being from another dimension that siphons the life force energy out of go-getters. The kind of go-getter that mindlessly/purposefully step all over the others on the ladder to success. Without the leechers, the inexhaustible energy of the go-getters will go unchecked, causing untold significant damages over the long run. The energy siphoned manifest as obstacles facing the way of the go-getters. They act as roadblocks of all shapes and sizes, from parking tickets to towed cars, from red lights at traffic intersections, construction, from incompetent workers at the office, from people calling in more sick days, delaying games, halting projects, extending deadlines due to revisions, to restructuring of all sorts, etc. Slowing them down, cleverly drawing them away from their objectives thereby draining them indefinitely.

At least for the day.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Madness 11

These titles are getting a bit tedious, eh? The March Madness could be a series or a section later on perhaps.

No drawings for today sadly so I used a page from the past.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Monster Madness Nein!

I freehanded the alphabet onto Photoshop and copy/pasted individual letters onto another file to arrange them into words. That's a first for me. I wanted that there since I'm sorta embarrassed by my sloppy handwriting for titles in the drawings. I know the title needs some work, to reflect an underwater theme of sorts but I just wanted an alphabet done to get it over with!

Coloured up the one drawing real quick. Nothing special. Might be treated as a W.I.P for later.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness 8-)

Oodles o' fun. I'm starting to tear out letters from newspapers and flyers to spell out words and tape them straight onto the paper. There's something very nostalgic and crafty-esque about doing stuff like that. I could feel like I'm recharging my creative batteries while doing that. Plus, its just neater and colourful than my usual hand-writing on the page.

Top left word bubble --- Dmetri says: "Ridiculous! I'm being suppressed by a succubus' maternal instincts!" Trying to get into the 'annoy style' for some fan art soon (or maybe never!).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Madness Ssseven

Just felt like drawing animals in space suit sans helmets. Possibly leftover feelings from yesterday's drawing with the jam guy. These are the "Assorted Animals of the Astros" (title pending), a title that used to be affectionately known as The Consortium of Space Animals. They're not inspired by Star Fox. =P

The annoy pecker shows up once again, this time as an undead.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Madness Six

Totally spaced out. The UFOs attacking a flying cosmic squid was directly from a dream I had a long time ago. Somehow that got in there...

Monday, March 15, 2010

March Madness Five.

A continuation of the dragon/reptillian theme from the other day. I was looking at the drawing of the one dragon and thinking "I can do this one better...". I'm not sure if I have succeeded as it did not translate well from my head onto the page. Although I do like the one croc at the far right. Just needed more space to finish the rest of him. Can always extend that drawing on Photoshop later.

Top far right: My dog Jazzy must feel this way about me whenever I take her out for a walk. She must feel like I'm breathing down her neck too, forcing her to get her business done so we can all get back inside. =P

I'm not sure if people say "piddle". Heck, I doubt anyone even says that word. I picked it up from my mother over the years and it had stuck with me ever since.

None of these except for the dragon on the top left was planned. For some reason I usually shirk from planning drawings onto the page. Doing so would just let the left brained side of me dominate it with a whip resulting in very flat and rigid drawings. I'd rather be spontaneous and be surprised at what comes out by winging it. If done long enough, sometimes you just "know" how to draw exactly what needs to be done. Can't say that I'm there yet as evident by some of the mangled up hands/limbs. I've come this far into accepting it for what it is though. Can always fix them up later.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Madness Four

I guess its symbolic for something I ate that day. I was feeling a bit gassy and bloated from over-eating by over-stuffing my face with noodles. Shame on me! The "fat" part of it is reflected on the puffed up images down at the bottom right corner. I'm sure you can find the gassy part. =P

Not too pleased with the overall drawings per se, but eh, stuff happens. Just gonna let it flow for what it is. Still enjoyed the drawing process regardless.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

March Madness 3

It's pretty hard to explain this one. I'll let them do the talking.

Friday, March 12, 2010

March Madness deux

Random as usual, with no planning whatsoever. Cosmically pooped straight outta consciousness.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Madness

I'm starting to think that I should post sketches on here daily, even if its just one doodle. That way I fight through the fear of posting only "perfect" drawings, which is ridiculous fear really (and my drawings are far from perfect but I have already accepted that), and force myself, well not force but gently goad myself into becoming a better drawer over time. Of course, that happens with each passing day through effort but when your works are up on the public domain, there's more of a critical aspect to it to help you get better and brazen with each post. It steps it up a notch or two and hopefully the growing will be faster.

Just my thoughts as I was working with this on Photoshop.