Friday, March 19, 2010

Monster Madness Nein!

I freehanded the alphabet onto Photoshop and copy/pasted individual letters onto another file to arrange them into words. That's a first for me. I wanted that there since I'm sorta embarrassed by my sloppy handwriting for titles in the drawings. I know the title needs some work, to reflect an underwater theme of sorts but I just wanted an alphabet done to get it over with!

Coloured up the one drawing real quick. Nothing special. Might be treated as a W.I.P for later.


joverine said...

the hooks in the faces=awesome
instantly tells a story of their character-the more hooks the more courageous/adventurous for going into fishing waters ?

Mind Miner said...

Haha yeah, the things they would do! (for whatever reason) =P