Friday, March 26, 2010

March Madness 15

A scrying image.

I had an incense candle lit up while drawing. The way the candle lit up a pile of papers over at the corner of my desk suggested this image for me to work within. The colour olive green kept flashing before me, briefly, a number of times throughout the process.

There was some difficulty seeing the lower leg area so I left it in as it is, working with new lines, hoping to see something else out of it.

Some slight photoshop trickery with copy/pasting. The rest is drawn with a bic pen on computer paper, as per usual.


joverine said...

super gross fly poo thing!
luv the almost subliminal 'bleh' in the bg ;)

Mind Miner said...

and the not too subliminal copy/paste with the green/white border mishap? (cloud thingy or wings to the right of 'super gross fly poo thing') =P

That was an oops.