Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Madness 14

This piece came out easily and effortlessly.

I was over at bro's tonight with Eric and Dax who were all working on their worky work stuff. Being with these guys is just indescribable in terms of the energy and the kinship as well as stress relief. Couldn't imagine life being better without them and their support.

I don't agree with how some of the things turn out on this piece, but I could care less. Time to stop worrying about all the pettiness pertaining to art and just let it be. As it is. For what it is. Also, in my mind was the idealised version of it with its uber awesome to-die-for line art and stuff like that. Didn't happen? Oh well, better luck next time! They are however, my guides for a future destination. Of course I want to be there right away, right now, but it's silly with all these excuse-atrons that we come up with for not posting art frequently on the blogs. If this was 2009, then yeah, I wouldn't be posting this up because of how frigid I think it looks to me. Not this year! Ego self-destruct FTW!

This is the new year. Time to move on with the petty fears and grow naturally! For good or worse. Ahem~~~~

Anyways, these are just drawings of Shellmechs that I'm cooking up for the Snailiens. By no means they are the final designs for these mechs. I just felt like drawing and seeing what comes out. Hope you likey. =B


joverine said...

awesome post
I can't believe u whipped that up all tonight!
agreed about the energy when we hang out-i fuckin love it and I fuckin love you too bro!
we're lucky to have such an awesome team-this year is the beginning of many a great thing for us all!-lets share everything we can!
spread the luv's


Mind Miner said...

Haha right on!

Yeah I knew the drawing might not be as great as I wanted it to be but I let it go, and went with the flow. Y'know?

CapnG said...

So here I am trying to do work-work and I think "Hey, I haven't checked out Mike's blog in a while..." So I click on over and get smacked in the face with a fistful of awesome! Now I desperately want to stop working for work and do some sculpting for fun. Dammit.

Mind Miner said...

LOL sorry Matt. Thanks for the kind words though!

Why not sculpt before you go to work so you can get that out of the way?

I know coming home from work wipes you out so you won't feel like doing anything...

CapnG said...

I work from home, man. The desk where I could potentially sculpt is not four feet from me. Normally though I have only to look at my previous lacklustre efforts to be discouraged from straying. It's just a hobby, after all.

Mind Miner said...

Matt: Look forward to creating new stuff and go from there. Don't look back to the past.

CapnG said...

But if you don't look back, how can you learn from your mistakes?

Mind Miner said...

By letting go and trusting that you'll remember/know.

Maybe subconsciously we already 'know'.