Monday, March 22, 2010

March Madness Twelve


A being from another dimension that siphons the life force energy out of go-getters. The kind of go-getter that mindlessly/purposefully step all over the others on the ladder to success. Without the leechers, the inexhaustible energy of the go-getters will go unchecked, causing untold significant damages over the long run. The energy siphoned manifest as obstacles facing the way of the go-getters. They act as roadblocks of all shapes and sizes, from parking tickets to towed cars, from red lights at traffic intersections, construction, from incompetent workers at the office, from people calling in more sick days, delaying games, halting projects, extending deadlines due to revisions, to restructuring of all sorts, etc. Slowing them down, cleverly drawing them away from their objectives thereby draining them indefinitely.

At least for the day.



joverine said...

man these guys are on my ass all the time!
like how his eyes are closed but his third eye is open

march madness rules!

Mind Miner said...

Haha yeah, but hopefully these guys only go after the 'bad' go-getters. =P