Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness 8-)

Oodles o' fun. I'm starting to tear out letters from newspapers and flyers to spell out words and tape them straight onto the paper. There's something very nostalgic and crafty-esque about doing stuff like that. I could feel like I'm recharging my creative batteries while doing that. Plus, its just neater and colourful than my usual hand-writing on the page.

Top left word bubble --- Dmetri says: "Ridiculous! I'm being suppressed by a succubus' maternal instincts!" Trying to get into the 'annoy style' for some fan art soon (or maybe never!).


joverine said...

diggin the newspaper clippings
keep that ish up!
man this march madness is full of random-luv it

Mind Miner said...

Yeah digging it as well. Hopefully the march madness can keep going. I feel like I'm running out of gas for them. Hope it can stay runnin!