Monday, March 15, 2010

March Madness Five.

A continuation of the dragon/reptillian theme from the other day. I was looking at the drawing of the one dragon and thinking "I can do this one better...". I'm not sure if I have succeeded as it did not translate well from my head onto the page. Although I do like the one croc at the far right. Just needed more space to finish the rest of him. Can always extend that drawing on Photoshop later.

Top far right: My dog Jazzy must feel this way about me whenever I take her out for a walk. She must feel like I'm breathing down her neck too, forcing her to get her business done so we can all get back inside. =P

I'm not sure if people say "piddle". Heck, I doubt anyone even says that word. I picked it up from my mother over the years and it had stuck with me ever since.

None of these except for the dragon on the top left was planned. For some reason I usually shirk from planning drawings onto the page. Doing so would just let the left brained side of me dominate it with a whip resulting in very flat and rigid drawings. I'd rather be spontaneous and be surprised at what comes out by winging it. If done long enough, sometimes you just "know" how to draw exactly what needs to be done. Can't say that I'm there yet as evident by some of the mangled up hands/limbs. I've come this far into accepting it for what it is though. Can always fix them up later.

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