Friday, April 16, 2010

Annoying April

Updated: After messing around with colour combos for over 30 minutes without any satisfactory results, I decided to stick with this colour scheme to see how it works out in the end. I put all the colours on one layer. Then sloppily added a shade version on a seperate layer. Flattened them all and started to smudge them together.

It's very tedious work to zoom in there to smudge them all around like that but it's a necessary warm-up process to jump start my brain. During the process some things suggest themselves in which I would add a dark line, or a highlight onto it to work on later.

Alot of work left to do yet! Just thinking about it sorely tires me out. I need to simplify so I can get alot more done in less time. Maybe one day I'll figure it out.
So yeah, decided to do thumbnail roughs to get the annoy theme going once again and colouring them up. It's been awhile since I've done an annoy. I was getting annoyed by my recent random posts so I wanted to step it up a notch. Probably will start colouring one of them tommorrow. Voot!

Maybe April is Annoy month? A bit late but ah well. Really need to stick with a theme sometimes as I can take so much randomness at a time before it drives me nuts. Anyways, no idea which one to colour up. More on that later.

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