Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baffling Cuteness Cont'd

A continuation of the Baffling Cuteness theme from yesterday. I wanted to play out the contrasts out some more with this theme. I think it works so I may explore some more with this later on.

I woke up with a lucid image along with the imagined falsetto-like voices of the feline characters in mind (shown in thumbnail top left) and thought it might be fun if I continued with it. I originally wanted to plan that image out and do it bigger and better, possibly for the upcoming gallery piece (more on that later), but got distracted and the image below played out instead.

It is so rare to start with images in my mind's eye before putting pencil down onto paper. That's twice since the new year so far. Usually it's the other way around for me. However seeing images first is how it all started when I was a kid drawing with bro. So maybe it has come back after so many years of being suppressed. Voot!


CapnG said...

You just made me look up "falsetto". Weeee! Lernin' iz phun!

Mind Miner said...

Indeedy eet eez!