Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free Room! and Bored

Oops! Posting a little bit late tonight. Was over at bro's haus with Ved drawing for our weekly get togethers. Oh well. Still managed to get this guy drawn tonight despite being late with the scanning part. =S

Playing around with the idea of a snailien with a nursery on its back. A class of snailien that are giant living buildings. For now one of the names floating for it will be "Lieu'tenant Leisure" or even a "Landlord" can go in there somewhere. Har har. I like it so there.

The bottom half for its body isn't really shown as its undecided. Still figuring that part out and may fix it up later on Photoshop as the whole drawing looks kinda weird to me. So for now just pretend that it's coming out from a hole in the ground. =P

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