Thursday, April 1, 2010

All plucked out

WTB a muse and some spicy hot chicken wings.

Updated: Apr. 3

Blue image is the original sketch drawn with a blue bic pen.

I wasn't really happy with the way the drawing turned out. The hands bothered me. The head looks funky and off, hell, the only thing I liked were the shoulder pads/vestigal wings, so I decided to digitally mess the rest up on Photoshop for kicks.

Also, I gotta learn to use reference while fixing things up too. It'd make life so much easier, eh?


CapnG said...

Sweet mon but honestly I kinda liked the "dead-eyed" version in the original sketch... way creepier.

Speaking of birds, a weird thing happened the other day and I thought of you; I saw a crow and a seagull fly out from behind an apartment block simultaneously. Two birds, one black, one (nearly) white. The crow flew left and the seagull right... then arced around to the left. Make whatever symbolic meaning of it you will, I just thought it was neat.

Mind Miner said...

Now that is a weird bird experience! I must have OCD for birds or something if it makes you think of me. =P

I might give it the dead eyed look later on, or save it for a vulturesque creature instead? I just felt like making something shiny/glossy after staring at feathers for so long.