Sunday, November 1, 2009

Freaky Franken Foods!

bic pen on paper
coloured on Pshop

I made the file bigger in case you wanted to read the text.

Snailiens up top. The spaceman-superhero'ish charactersx2 type might belong to the snailien idea. Was a semi-stream of consciousness thingamabob.

Coloured stuff: Pumpkinhead revisited. It's got company this time! Baaaad company.

Originally created during the Biotech Revolution.

Biotech companies in their mad dash to be the first in the world to patent all of nature's genes and other genetic secrets for their own personal gains, have recklessly created monstrosities in their name, to wage secret wars over other companies for rights of their patents. For Greed! power! arrogance! madness! Oh the humanity! For shame.

These creatures were aborted once it got up to a certain stage in development. They were then disposed afterwards to hide their companies' secret going-ons. However, by some sheer luck or circumstance the genetic material, due to biotech scientitsts needless twinking shenanigans, has managed to survive and grow unaided. Or something like that. ( Nature rules! )

Now they spread like a plague, covertly, under the ground only to emerge at night-time to forage for food.

What kind of food? Maybe us? Forward set of eyes, canine teeth. What the? Are they predators? What the deuce were those biotech guys thinking? Who knows!

Based on a true story. With other embellishments and "creative liberties" F U Hollywood.

Happy Hallowe'en.

A bit late for Hallowe'en. I had this posted over to my Deviantart a couple of days prior.

Does anyone else have hangups over reposting the same material over to different sites? I suppose there are some things that would read better on a blog than on a site like DA.

Feel free to comment over at the Deviant site. Thanks in advance. =P

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