Friday, November 6, 2009


Bic pen
Computer paper

I was trying to get into a habit of making a dream journal by drawing them out to help with the memory. Reading back on dreams that are over 5+ years old is surprisingly difficult to recall, unless they were vividly detailed to begin with. Hence, drawing with the writing should help preserve these memories.

Maybe I should get a moleskin for this sort of thing.

---Below is the dream description in case anyone wants to read it.---

It was a dream based on gears 2 style/game play.

At first, it starts out in a white'ish beige coloured misty atmosphere. There was a huge colliseum, in grecan-roman style judging by the rigged edges of their pillar columns. It was deserted and there were 2 guys and a female with me, looking around.

In the middle of the colliseum was a mausoleum littered with ruins that fell from the ceiling above. It was surrounded by a murky moat with water-lillies floating around. Nature has already taken its course as new life was apparent all around with grassy knolls. Curious koi fishes from the moat greeted us as we got near, then swam away whenever we looked at them. We skipped on rocks or broken pillars that acted as stepping stones to get to the center of the arena.

Once we got to the center, a monkey in a NASA suit jumps in front of us from his high hiding spot. I typed /gasp in a chat window. I was surprised to run into a talking monkey. I greeted him with a "hello" to which he replies back with a "heryo" with a wave. We were supposed to escort him away as part of a mission. We had to make him follow us but he wasn't responding. He kept saying "heryo" every time we beckoned him to follow. I remember feeling that was rather odd, that he couldn't make it out of there by himself (he was behaving like a typical NPC in a game).

Our new mission was to bait a heavy dinosaur like a diplodicus to follow you to a room where a T-rex was sleeping. Then somehow provoke the T-rex into fighting the diplodicus while you go into a crevice that leads to an exit. The escort had to survive as part of this mission.

After some time we finally got him to follow us, we found an entrance blocked with a webbed layer. When I got close to it, I could see a silhouette of something behind it. I thought I saw it moved but I wasn't sure. So I heaved a rock into the entrance which took down the webbing. Behind the web was a baby dinosaur that was blueish grey with black spots with a light underbelly. It had a bird shape head with a long snout, a herbivore with slightly jagged teeth. It has a bony crown plate along the top of its head. It had large orange eyes and shrieked to its mother for help. At that point I started to run away when I saw shadows from behind it animating within the walls of the entrance. I told the guys with me to start running too so we went back to the place in the beginning of the dream.

The zombie part to the dream was just about getting the hell out of there, from point A to B. In this case, somewhere in the congo neighbouring Rwanda.

There were raving zombies every which way you go. Even their local wild-life were zombified with their physical abilities enhanced. Fortunately, zombies with AK 47s were terrible at aiming.

Based off of Resident Evil 5 demo. Or perhaps from playing Left 4 Dead.

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