Thursday, November 5, 2009


Bic pen
Computer Paper
Coloured on Pshop

Hmm well. I did this drawing in the dark with a candle. Probably not a good idea to keep this up as it's not good on the eyes.

It's a drawing experiment using another medium of introspection to work with. In this case, I attempted to do a 'scrying' onto a fresh page. Without the divination tools, reflective surfaces like a mirror or a bowl of water etc. =P

The dim lighting acts as a catalyst as it helps to narrow down your focus, blocking out everything else in the background that might otherwise be distracting.

Begin drawing by observing the light flickering onto the page as it gives off subtle suggestions of shapes and shadows. The texture of the paper helps, the bumps of the surface area, and the shadows animating from your hand or even the pencil helps to amplify these subtle impressions.

Eventually it felt like I was merely tracing off these shapes and shadows for the most part with free reign on other parts.

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