Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baaad Drawing.

A Stamp of Disapproval.

Baaad drawings are the bane of an artist's existence! Like demons, we must exorcise them or learn to be friends with them.

I find myself stamping this sheep on various drawings that I have done. Mentally of course. It's a way for me to stop taking myself seriously instead of agonising over how a drawing went. A coping mechanism, I guess. It works for me. =P

The drawing itself is subconscious. Gotta be aware of this self critic lurking quietly in the background!

Everyone's their own worst critic. Deep inside, we're harsh with ourselves. We don't need a sounding board from others to know that. Only by choice do we allow their words to hurt us.

So, be nice to yourself.

Be compassionate.

Don't take yourself seriously, or anyone else either, or even this Stamp of Disapproval!

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