Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time Flies Just like That.

Scanned in an old drawing. Bic pen on computer paper.

This is kind of funny. It started off as my first drawing of the new year (almost a year ago), then I had a bad drawing spiel that lasted for months right afterwards. During that time, coincidentally, the room flooded and had to get the carpets reinstalled. Even they took 2 months+ to reinstall the carpets. The whole fiasco still leaves me amused in a sardonic kind of way.

Top left is about what a friend told me about negative thoughts, battling demons, etc. Don't let them win!

Top right is a drawing of some musician who I no longer remember. I just know he's famous though.

Bottom left is my intention to explore our subconscious more this year. To figure it out, use it to our advantage (eidactic memory and other powers), all of which can be used to improve our art, etc.

Mister Memory, what can I say? Kinda just happened.

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