Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snailiens at it again.

My obsession with all things snails hasn't ended yet. Maybe I'll be known as "that guy who keeps on drawing snails". A typecast if you will. Haven't I said this before? Oh well, ignore that if I did.

Lately, I've decided to mess around with an old scanned drawing of snailiens on photoshop. Hurray!

Gotta love the scan in all its messiness. That's some good weathered down and abused computer paper right there.

Anyways, the drawing wasn't drawn all in one go. It took a period over days. I would leave the drawing pad ( really, its computer paper) by my bedside so that whenever I go to bed to take off my crutches (hearing aid/glasses/etc) I would take a glance at the drawing before I go to sleep. Whenever I do look at them, I would see them in a new way with the paper being upside down, at a 45 degree angle or whatever. Now this is usually a bad idea to try this right before bed time! If you do happen to catch something cool with your eye, then you will be forced to draw it out, which I did anyways despite feeling dead tired with rigor mortis setting in.

Now onto photoshop! Bring on the PAIN.tings. Nothing too serious here. I just felt like dabbing in and out with these sort of things

A billion layers later, this is how it ended up before I got totally sick of it and called it a day. It's a painting based off figure c.) minus the long eye stalks which I felt was way too wonky for its head. I suppose I could have made them more slimmer but at the moment I thought castration was the best answer.
Then for some reason I felt like sabotaging it somewhat by squishing/squashing some parts, cloning other parts, making certain parts bigger and so on. The result is the last painting you see on the bottom.

Well, there you have it. It's not that totally different but it was a lot of fun.

Oh, It's salivating because I'm hungry. =(

Also, there are a couple other works-in-progress sitting on the backburner just waiting to ooOooze all over this space.

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