Wednesday, October 10, 2007

World of Warcraft /gasp!

Well, normally I do not draw fan-art for some reason. Its nothing against fan-art in general.
I do not know remember why or how I got into drawing WoW in the first place. But I took alot of screenshots in the past with the intention of using them for later, whether that will be for posting WoW art for Blizzard later on (probably never) or painting backgrounds (to tackle my fear of painting backgrounds haha).
I started to reference from them to draw on-model for characters as part of the warming up process. It helps alot. I know, it was probably pretty obvious to everyone else allll along, but not to me, of course. I keep rediscovering things over and over again. Mild-amnesia FTL. Hopefully with this blog I can work some of those deep seated personal and artistic issues out.

While doodling them, I realise that this is probably going to be the only way to teach me how to draw armours and weapons (maybe a bit of perspective too) as practise. Maybe that's practise with a purpose, or just an excuse to draw WoW as a coping mechanism for not playing the game in months? =P

Ah well, baby steps!

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megame said...

good to see you're still posting..and new stuff too! you've got libraries of treasure aka..sketchbooks that you can also scan...probably enough to post 43 new images a day for the next 43 years...gar! there be pirates!what??