Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sssssssss-nailiens. Part 1.

Better put on your tin-foil hats because these slugs are bad news. Sooner or later you'll be bombarded by beams of snailien thoughts of "Uhhhhh. " Harrassed by muzack snoring bots, assailing your senses by passive omni-media , leaving all of your brain to rot. Soon your pours will ooze out, tire you out, make you lazy and laying down for daily 10 hour snoozes.
It's the snailien agenda, they want you to lose. They can't stand all the busy bodies getting busy with their bodies, making a racket with their tennis rackets, training with their strained brains, living fully completely and free.

"Slow down now, lay down, be quiet! Stop!" Uhhh? Zzzz.

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