Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sssssssss-nailiens. Part 2.

Snailiens were originally born back when bro and I were discussing potential game ideas of what we would like to do in the future. We sat down, sketched out the ideas for the levels and the enemies as well as the bosses for it. Even had some of the cut scenes in there.

I can hardly remember all of it, as I'm confusing the memories of it with our Mad Cow game and other game experiences. But basically its somewhat a side-scrolling shoot 'em up action game of sorts with Captain Storm as the character you control. It's mostly inspired by all those games we grew up with, but I think Metal Slug was the main source inspiration behind this one, along with Earthworm Jim.

The coloured image of the snailien was one of the "Annoys" that I drew. There wasn't even a drawing for it, as it was painted directly onto Photoshop and refined over time. It took a long time to do and it's still one of my favourite Annoys. I don't think it was intentional at the time to make it into a snailien.

The rah-rah's of the videogame making died down as we moved onto other things. It pretty much went away over time, packing them away into boxes for safekeeping into our subconscious, nearly forgotten. The snailien emerged out of there to ressurect as an Annoy, probably as a gentle reminder to me, or for the V3 crew to get back into doing the things that we love to do.

Perhaps, somewhere out there in the universe, someone or some automaton is making a Captain Storm sequel while some three-eyed tentacled kid in glasses, drooling all over his bib, is playing it. When will Earth get theirs? =o

The many slugs in a police line-up sketch were all heads from the various snailien image scans cloned onto a single body. I was toying around with the design a bit to see how they would all look. If it ever gets back into a game again I think the diversity would be a feature for it because I couldn't decide whose head gets to keep the body so I'm throwing it all in there instead. It would be animated just the same anyways.

They dont seem to look important so none of them are the bosses. Instead they're all Private Procrastinators who make up the bulk of the Snailien forces. They're abled bodied too, which top brass snailiens sneer at, but have to put up with because they do get ALL of the dirty work done. However the top brass snailiens view them as inferior. The less evolved you are, the better. Legs and arms would be the bottom of the barrel in their devolutionary ladder. Yet all snailiens are born with limbs and just culturally conditioned themselves to lose them due to atrophy as the decades go by.

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