Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Annoidal Tendencies.

Ahhh! I've been snooping around my older files and stumbled upon my old "Annoys". I can't believe these were done 5 years ago! Arghhhh. And still no book. /sighhhhhh

Most of these Annoys were also drawn on the back of 3d studio max tutorial papers. The back of the paper's text would show through when I scanned it in. I had to smudge them out on photoshop afterwards. The aftermath created some nice textures I believe. =P

I had issues about drawing on real good quality paper back then. Still kinda do but not so much nowadays. Also had a fear of inking too. But inking on crappy paper helped ease those fears alot.

I also thought I have lost a story for one Annoy in particular but I was wrong. It's here! Probably my first creative writing story attempt ever (in my life).

Story goes as follows:

The Snail was afraid of frogs. He didn't want to be frog food at all. He just wanted to be loved. So one day, while he oozed on his way up a tree, he sees a sleeping monkey napping on a nearby branch. Desperately trying to avoid being the prey of the tree frogs, the snail thought he'd find sanctuary within the monkey's inner temple.

When Mojo the Magic Monkey Man woke up, he heard whispering noises in his head, and being a voodoo shaman magic man, he thought Gonzo the Great Gabboon (his patron diety) was speaking to him.. Mojo claps his hands with over-zealous joy!

"Aha! It is you! Oook!" he cries.

But really, it was the snail, who had burrowed himself inside the monkeyman's ear canal.

Mojo rejoices "Ook!, all these years have paid off! Alas! I have been enlightened! Ooook Ooooook!"

The snail was shocked upon hearing that and double-shocked at the fact that he can hear the monkeyman's thoughts! But just then, an evil thought came to his mind. So he whispers to Mojo from within.

"Yasss! 'Tis meeeee, Gonzoooooo..........."

"Okay, bud. Rule number one. Thou shalt not eat snails! Snails are your best friends!"
and upon hearing this, Mojo nodded. "I shall obey! he exclaimed. "Oook! I shall Obey! yes! Oooook!"

Later on that day, Mojo and the Snail travelled extensively. He rescued various snails from within the frog's tongue reach.. Fed the snails leaves and carried some of them to assorted places.
Mojo's puzzled by all these snail-saving deeds and also by the amount of weird commands that he's been given lately. "Avoid salt water, use clean water, do not clean out your ears" etc etc. None of them are anything violent! None of them taught him the rules of gorilla warfare, or how to craft weapons of any kind at all! It's about this snail, or that snail.....and throwing frogs high up in the air.

He couldn't figure out why his patron god isn't acting like the Fabled Fearsome Gabboon Banana Bushman of Death! But rather, he seems timid and fearful of alot of things. Mostly frogs and salt water. Mojo was disappointed. And confused. And puzzled. Surely his diety knows something about snails and frogs that he doesn't know about.... yet.

Then Mojo comes across a pond. A really big pond. And there's this Lilly Pad Party already going on. Witching hour's begun. The place was illuminated by fireflies, and served by barflies and other flies. Strewn Budweiser cans are everywhere. It was loud. Alot of croaking noises. After going through a clearing, he sees all the frogs socialising and dancing........Some are leap frogging, others are playing practical jokes upon the tadpoles. Others are making tadpoles. Being in a drunken stupor, they are really behaving like animals and are totally oblivious to Mojo and his friend snail lurking from behind the foliage.

End. (probably got bored and left it like that)

I dont know where the original coloured version is, but I'm gonna have to use a friend's site to show it in the meantime.

Ahhoy thar annoy!

I don't know what happened to the rest of the story. I guess it'll have to be finished one day when I'm either really really really bored or annoyed like I did them back then.

Going back to my roots, and drawing the Annoys again soon.

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