Friday, October 12, 2007

"Page o' Crap!" He says.

Getting a little to hesitant to post drawings all of a sudden. I figure crap is still better to look at than nothing at all.

I've always been meaning to clean the lines up, make it look proper and all that, but could never bring myself to do it ... yet. Maybe not now, but eventually I'll get around to it. At the moment I just got to accept things for the way it is and leave it at that. That is how I am, so my art reflects it. Grow from it slowly instead of rushing through it like I have in the past.

A friend of mine says an artist is supposed to be messy. I'll let the messiness do the art for me then. Maybe I ought to start spilling coffee all over the drawings to further enhance this messy effect. Crumple up the paper too, crease it here, or there. Whip it across the room. Step on it. All sorts of mayhem like that. I think that might be fun. Maybe I'll start my own "ism" that way. Messism? Crapism? I dunno. What do you think?

After drawing this, I had to make fun of myself to relieve the tensions. The bird guy at the top left hand corner of the page started the dialogue, then it snowballed from there as it reaches out to other characters. I try to see ho w they would react to what he says, which pretty much condemns the entire page. Some of them take offense to his commentt, others take it in stride, and so on. It's somewhat indicative of my own thoughts manifesting itself to the characters. Yeah, yeah, I suffer for my own art. =P

I take my stuff and myself waaaaay too seriously, so poking a little fun of it is good and keeps me aloof. It feels better afterwards than if I had left it as it is. The dialogue coming from the characters isn't silly enough but if I didn't put them in, it would pretty much remind me the seriousness of the attempts that I've been making at producing art. Its still a long ways yet. I can sort of see where it's going if I keep it up.

That's the purpose of this Blog in the first place. To fight the forces of Laziness and Procrastination always. To learn from it, grow from it, to bear it all for the world to see, to let it shine no matter how ugly or beautiful it is, to share, and to look back on it to see how it all progresses over time. Amen. *sniff*

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CapnG said...

Hi-larious! Cool Crow/Bluejay warrior too.