Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIP Alt Version

Ok I got carried away, but in a good way. I wanted to copy/paste a portion of the work since my working file is about 100 megs which was slowing my computer down. It had like, 30329 layers. I was only working with 2 at the moment so I transfered it onto another file and well, it's head was missing since I was working on the torso and arms. Wanted to elongate the torso and I kept going with that. Some other shapes suggested itselves and yeah, so now it's got a new head and shoulders.

Kinda like this version better but I will finish the other one too.


CapnG said...

Now it's looking REALLY Gieger-y.

I was in Chapters the other day and I saw the perfect book for you: How to make your own trading cards.

Snailiens CCG, dude... Think about it.

Mind Miner said...

Sounds good! I should go take a look at it and see.

I'm definitely doing something with it though.