Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Harping about Harpies

Everytime I see beautiful women painted in art, harpies and sirens always alights upon my mind.

The top one is just my attempt at drawing an old woman as a harpy. The bug eye and the gnarled hands kinda reminds me of the witch in Snow White. Or maybe that's Cinderella?

A little tidbit about the old woman harpy.. Back in her day, she had a voice that was to die for. She was a rising songstress in the Harping Harpist Full of Harpies Orchestra until an unfortunate incident one day left her vocal box strained/shattered. Who knows how? They won't say. Now she just screeches incoherently and snatches the villager's pets/kids out of spite (or for food).


CapnG said...

Gnarled old witch? Snow White, dude. "Would you like one of my apples, deary..?"

Mind Miner said...

haha thanks.