Saturday, May 21, 2011

Messing around with Pareidolia

This is what happens when I stare at something for too long, either from something I'm working on or something I'm looking at. It usually ends up spawning another idea.

Sometimes I do random copy/paste sections from various works of mine to create something new for fun, to generate ideas or to create chimaera-like creatures. However this one was a little planned because I did see a snailien-like creature in the first place.

Take yesterday's digital speed paint of the bird creature top left for example. The numbered boxes are individually copied and pasted onto another new file to create what you see for the middle and far right sections.

By copying and pasting, this exercise makes it easier to isolate and see new images seperately to give you a better idea of what you're looking at. In the box numbered 2 is a face, very vaguely what appears to be teeth and there is also an eye way up there too. I darkened some bits, added some wetness on the gum/mouth parts and white outlines somewhere to punctuate things a little more and so on. Then I got busy with the shell and that's all I got for now.


CapnG said...

Could be the black and white factor but it looks very Gierer-y.

Mind Miner said...

Who's this Gierer dude? He seems pretty obscure as Gierer-meinhardt keeps popping up on google.

CapnG said...

He's the guy whose name I type in when I'm all fumbley-fingers and I really mean to type H.R. Geiger.

Cuz I'm dumb. ;)

Mind Miner said...

Ahhhh, Geiger. I knew that...

Ok, I get it now. Other than the tonals, I think it needs to be more wet and phallic-looking to be more like Geiger. =P