Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No sleep, no peace!

Ah, there's no end to this painting at all. I worked on this for 8 hours straight without any breaks, and then some more after I woke up. It seems too awfully long for a piece like this. I wish I worked faster.

It all started from a doodle drawn on the back of a bank envelope (as shown) while I was waiting for tea to boil. It was the only drawing I liked all day so I wanted to post something to keep up with the dailies. By the time I scanned it, I was already fiddling around with it when I meant to scan it, post it on the blog and then go to sleep. One hour went by and then another. I've been up for 24+ hours and then forced myself to sleep around noon. I couldn't sleep afterwards. Then once I did manage to sleep, I only slept for a mere 5 hours. Fun. My sleeping schedule is so hopeless. So I woke up, got up, painted some more and now I'm pretty sick/cranky of this piece. Still looks like a long ways to go but ah well. Eff it.


joverine said...

LOVE the original drawing!
but i'm a sucker for sketchy goodness ^__^

Mind Miner said...

Yeah me too. It's less work than painting and way more fun. =P