Monday, October 18, 2010

Alien Jackolantern

WIP2, top sketch. So far, trying to push it out further. Determined to finish this piece for its sake. Yesterday's painting is a bit different because its not truthfully a dark to lights experience. Its more of a fixed experience where the lines are already there and I'm trying too hard to be accommodating to it when all along certain forces are screaming inside me to change it, that its not the way to be, or that line is out of place or the 3dness is off or for some other reason. But it looks like I'm still too accommodating to it, too fearful of losing the image that I have set out to paint because I really don't want to deviate too much from the original. Well, screw it! =P We'll see where it goes tommorrow.

The sketchbook page was as far as I wanted to take it before quitting after an hour or so. It was drawn too big anyways taking up the entire 11x17 page. Rendering it would take foreverrrrr so I decided to take it up with Photoshop instead. Hopefully this will get done tonight.

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