Monday, October 11, 2010

Hellowe'en Time again

For this experiment I took an earlier drawing and started messing around with the transform tool. First it starts with cloning the batch o' mini-heads on the left, then another batch beside it, and another on top of that. Rotated them all to get the right angles, etc. I kept thinking "okay, that's enough...time for bed" which of course got delayed into a "oh wait, what if I cloned this piece here? and put it here? or wait, how about here instead? OoOooh..." and on and on for 2 more hours. Then I covered it by drawing on top of it, to reconnect severed lines, fix corrections wherever necessary as best as I can to 'hide' the cloned pieces. Except for the "arm" which is really part of the croco's jaw. =P

Of course I can just easily draw it all from scratch, but with this type of experiment it can open up new doors of seeing.

The surprise for me comes with the discovery of the croco head in its belly. I originally wanted to make a big opened stomach-mouth similar to Bishamon from Darkstalkers. The rest just fell away to reveal more croco features as I went along.

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