Tuesday, October 5, 2010


11x17 computer pager
bic pen

Yeah, got back into doing the "Annoys" again! I have to say that this was the most fun I've had drawing in a long time. I enjoyed every minute of the process easily getting into the zone thoroughout. I've been drawing/staring at it up close for 2 hours straight. Still not done with the entire shading process but the pen was sputtering out of ink so that was a sign for me to slow down and take a break. =P

Perhaps it's just getting back to my roots again. Who knows. I want to keep this up every day like the way it was meant to be back then. Hopefully I'll figure out a way to make sure it works daily without falling back to the usual rut and typical slacking.

Some things bug me slightly. The hands and one of the foot really irks me. But I figure I might colour it later and fix the hand/feet from there. Gotta update my deviantart with some fresh paintings. It's been awhile.

I must give credit to an exercise called "The morning pages". It's about writing 3 pages worth of streaming-conscious type of writing which must be done daily. It's from the Artist's Way site, the link can be found here but I must warn you as it's in .PDF format so it might be a long load for some viewers. You can go to this link here instead to get a general idea of it. I usually have the PDF link as my bookmark as that is what I usually go back to reading every now and then to refresh on my objectives. I totally recommend this exercise for anyone who struggles to open up their creative flow. Not only does it open you up creatively, it also teaches you to be less critical with everything.


joverine said...

hey-i thought you said you needed to practice anatomy? everything here looks good to me! haha
really cool 3D look to this one-great form
keep on this path-it seems to be really working for ya!

Mind Miner said...

Yeah, lo and behold! It's already there. It was just a matter of believing that one can do it and daring it to come out.

It surprised me that's for sure. And here I was thinking I need an eternity's worth of time to learn it haha.

Ah the silly mind games that we foist upon ourselves, eh? =/