Friday, June 17, 2011

Jogeetv Scrying

I took a screenshot over at Dax + bro's show when it was just starting out tonight. I keep seeing a bunch of different images every time he randomly darkens/lightens the piece so I decided then and there that a screenshot snapshot would be one way of recording what I see. That way, I can draw whatever that I saw at that moment in time before his image changes completely.

This is just one such image that I saw. It's a crab looking creature with a really stiffed arm claw on the far right. I didnt want to change it too much because I liked the texture it had. I didn't add too much of what was already on there anyways. Just a few lines here to suggest the shape, darken some bits to shade it and then added a few white to highlight other parts. Pretty simple and fast.

Also, the way he was texturing the piece up so fast with his brushes like that would simply kill my computer. It's an old computer in dire need of upgrades. =S

Screenshot is also 72 dpi so I didn't want to spend too much time dabbling in it and getting carried away.


CapnG said...

Be prepared to be frustrated. Upgrading to my new machine meant that basically NONE of my old software or peripherals work anymore including my old WACOM tablet. Thanks Win7!

Mind Miner said...

Should be able to find patches for that?

If not, I'd switch back to Winblows XP. =P

CapnG said...

XP will no longer supported as of July 1st. I found alternates and work-arounds for most of the software I couldn't get more recent versions of. As for the tablet, it's the physical port in the back that's the problem (ie it needs a serial connector and there isn't one).

joverine said...

just get a Mac, problems solved! ;)

cool to see u were drawing along side the show dude-I just skimmed through your blog-so many updates!
keep it up :)

Mind Miner said...

CapnG: You mean your computer is so brand new that it has only USB ports but no serial connectors for 'out of date' hardware? Hmm, what about USB converters or anything like that for your outdated serials?

Joverine: Thanks bro! Yeah, one day I'll probably get a Mac. One day... =P