Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dragon on Duty

For some reason I was still thinking about the vancouver riots. The media is still nudging us about it, especially in light of the latest kissing couple. And while I was thinking that, this dragon here has been extra diligent in protecting his/her gold while the looters are still looting/rioting around (in mind).

How did the dragon guarding the gold thing ever got started anyways?

Why would it even care about monetary things? Perhaps dragons know about the weaknesses in humanity's heart so it puts gold there as bait since people will greedily gravitate towards it. It sure is a lazy way of catching your own food by having them go towards you.

Or maybe it's just another one of those metaphorical type of things. About blockages that we need to break down in order to get at something. About a huge resevoir of latent potential hidden deep within us with some powerful force guarding it, to prevent us from accessing that potential.


CapnG said...

As I recall, the old D&D monster manual explained it in a rather mundane fashion, suggesting that dragons (like birds) had weak digestive systems incorporating a gizzard-like organ and needed to routinely ingest harder materials to help grind their food. Precious gems were the item of choice but coins would do.

Mind Miner said...

Ah very cool. I like that. At one point when you mentioned birds I thought "LOL for shinies".