Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rabid Rabbits

I meant to post this the other day with this awesome thought that I had about .... uhh ... something ... which I ... uhh yeah, its gone. Sorry, already forgotten it. Maybe it was just a thought of posting the drawings? Maybe. Yeah that could be it.... No, can't be. That isn't as awesomely awesome as I thought it would be... Maybe I imagined I had an awesome thought but because I couldn't remember it is the reason that it never existed in the first place? Did that make any sense? Don't worry, it's probably nothing anyways.

So days later... Ah what the hell, just post it already! So here I am trying to post something and already I'm rambling on. Sheesh mike. Hit 'publish post' and let the rabbits go! Hurry they're dying to be let go ..... Mike stop typing... hurry! Argh.

Maybe that's why (Mike stop typing - Editor) I'm having these bad drawing days right now. It's probably clogging up the cosmic arteries to (Mike stop typing - Editor) Where Everything Flows. Hopefully that'll do the trick (Mike stop typing - Editor) and maybe I'll remember (Mike stop typing - Editor) what this awesome idea or thought was in the first place (Mike stop typing - Editor) and start drawing awesomely again. (Mike stop typing - Editor)

Alright you silly caged rabbits, out you go!

Oh btw, be careful petting them. They have rabies. I dunno if it's possible that rabbits can have rabies, but these guys do. They've been festering inside my head long enough so uh, you know, my head isn't so clean up there so who knows where they got it from...

Don't think about it. Don't imagine where either. Stop before it hurts you too!

(Mike stop .... ah finally! - Editor)

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