Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Prematured and Ready to go.

These were drawn quickly (5 - 15 mins.) on photoshop using a wacom tablet and then slapped together as a collage of sorts to give them a semi-complete feel.

I have no intention of finishing them up so maybe I will just let them incubate in my subconscious for a little while longer. By then I'm sure they'll hatch/evolve and gnaw away at my consciousness just begging me to release them out in full colour. But until then, have at them!

(Besides the over-sized, pre-historic wacom tablet that I have makes me NOT want to draw, at least that's what the snailiens are suggesting to me. They also told me that the new wacom tablet that I have sitting directly next to me will take a long time to manually install which will also require an insane amount of effort and energy to get it going. Forget buying a new mouse too as that is another feat into itself. You really shouldn't bother looking into it. Just let it be! *nudge nudge* Atrophy with ussssss. Yes, excuses are good! Mmmhmmm. Zzzz.)

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