Friday, November 5, 2010

Something fishy again

Finally got back to scrying again. This one was off a towel. The textures of the towel suggested the lines and the shadows of the folds suggested the shapes.

It was a tricky session as the shapes were very subtle. It seemed to change shape every time I look back at the towel. To avoid losing track of it, I had to rely on blind contour drawing to get most of it done, really slow. Once I got the segments down I look back at the drawing to fix it up.

The uncoloured parts is the throne where the king sits which also was in the shape of the fish but with wires and tubes at the back, as if its inside a spaceship or something.

Fish hats remind me of mythology all over again, about Sumerian priests wearing fish hats, Oannes as one of the Fisher Kings, dogon tribes meeting fish-like aliens that taught civilisation everything it knew, as well as the Jesus fish symbol which to my theory represents the Age of Pisces that it was in.

Hats of fish, before that, of bison. And the last post was a cat fish creature (either pirate or fisherman) as well. Other than that, I have no idea how to interpret this information. Oh well, not going to overthink it. =P

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