Friday, June 15, 2012

Old Schtuff

Looking back on old OLD sketchbooks never gets old.

I've scanned these drawings in a long time ago for a totally different intention. Part of it being that I wanted to redraw it over again to update it to sell as merchandise, but ah, eff it man. It's been molding in my hard drive for awhile now so I figured I should just let them out already. It sucks to withold pure, unadulterated JOY for so long. =P And the other part being so secret that no one will ever know the -real- reason behind it. EVER! Ok, not really =P but here it is.

The first drawing is actually unintentional fan-art for Golden Axe. You know those little sneaky devils that come in and steal your potions while your characters are asleep? Then your characters wake up and you abuse the ever living crap out of them to get your potions back?  Damn those little buggers. =P 

As for the rest? Enjoy~

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