Friday, January 27, 2012

Watch out for the Pufflyrump!

A devious little critter that takes advantage of Nature's charms by looking cute.

When hungry, a Pufflyrump will scamper around looking for potential targets, usually any person or animal that is old enough to take care of the young or old. It stealthily creeps up to the target as to avoid detection (because it really isn't a helpless looking thing afterall) and when close enough it shows up by plopping itself down right in front of the target. It feigns helplessness by flapping around in circles and chirping noisily (albeit very loud too) in the hopes to garner affection from the target. If the target doesn't respond, then the Pufflyrump will pull in its outer body and retract its legs and use its mesmerising stare ability to weaken the target's will. If the target shows even the slightest resistance, then the Puffyrump will impose its will even harder as evidenced by the bulging eyes and puffed up appearance. It will not stop until the target succumbs to its mesmerising stare. Failure to do so will really deflate its ego, and loss of appetite will follow.


Hurricane Leslie said...

Awwwww. It suckered me. ahahah

Mind Miner said...

Just goes to show you that birds can be cute too, eh?