Wednesday, December 14, 2011



Yesterday night while laying in bed with the night light on, I see this guy casually glancing over in my direction in the hallway. It's actually coming from a pile of cloth folded up and stacked on top of a little table neatly tucked away into the corner. It'll make sense to you if you consider how blind as a bat I am without my glasses so the pile of clothes blur into something else with the way the night light was shining on it. I wanted to get up and draw him down right away, but since I just got into bed, I was in no mood to get up. I was way too tired so I just forced myself to memorise what I can by breaking it down the shapes into colours, the shape of the creature and by using image associations (looks like this, looks like that..) to help me remember. I paid more emphasis on the colours and the lighting than the actual creature.

I'd say it came out kinda close.

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