Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Sucks.

Yep, persistent issues annoy me. Oh well, got an 'annoy' out of it. Yay.


joverine said...

fall is probably my fav. time of the year-the only thing I don't like about it is how it brings in the lame parts of winter=cold but no snow-and the only snow i like is the big fluffy snow flakes that make those awesome silent winter nights...(as opposed to the dirty slushy windy wet bits)
anyway yeah, you're on a roll :D

Mind Miner said...

I never knew you liked fall. I do like it from an aesthetics point of view (come on, the colours are amazing) but when you factor in the colder weather, then no, I do not like it. Same thing with winter, looks great...

I'm leaning more towards the hot summers. I actually love sweating these days even if it means showering 3x a day. So be it. I remember how biting cold last winter was so it forced me to appreciate the summers all the better!

One day, sooooo gonna move to Vancouver for the warmer weather year 'round. =P

joverine said...

Vancouver is very nice-but rainy-and a very wet rainy feel apparently throughout winter :/
I want to experience winter there b4 judging tho ;)